Dec 10, 2014

Tikyu Tunagari and Terakoya E-Learning Frame Work.

The group consortium, Tikyu Tunagari, is operating several FB community pages based on NGO Earth Link Society (Tikyu Tunagari). This is the intention to inform you all the administrators to facilitate Tikyu Tunagari of the contents of communities and groups under the consortium. The activity is centered in world wide E-Learning, rich of variety as well as Japanese Expat Communication on abroad, and their outbound tourism and for anybody coming from abroad for inbound tourism in Japan. We hope you enjoy our facilitation of connecting the people to people in various cultural community groups in our consortium.

●Short summary presentation of NGO Earth Link Society
●FACEBOOK Tikyu Tunagari community page
●Earthlink portal site

TERAKOYA Ubiquitas Moving Around Research Inc. - Using CEDEFOP/Training Village.

Our mission is to propagate the concept of Moving Around Research Inc. to the world wide ranged human activity and to bring the creative mobility to the people for the Sustainable Earth of the 21th Century.

Please join us and enjoy the group.

1. The conceptualization of Life Long Traning for Moving Around Research Inc.
2. Lobbying & Trans Research Coordination for Moving Around
3. Incubation and Entrepreneuship for Moving Around
4. Global Strategy fo Moving Around on Sustainable Earth

[Topics]0. Open University for Foreigner Residents in Japan 外国人のための放送大学
1. Gaijin life with language skill and invest
1.2 Institut Franco Japonais de Tokyo
L'Institut franco-japonais du Kansai 関西日仏学館
La Maison Franco-Japonaise 日仏会館
Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris
1.3 Goethe-Institut Tokyo
Deutsche Stunde mit Peter Kassian in Kyoto
Japanisch Deutsches Zentrum Berlin ベルリン日独センター
1.4 Instituto Italiano di Cultura Tokyo - Giappone
Istituto giapponese di cultura in Roma ローマ日本文化会館
1.5 Instituto Cervantes Tokyo
CASA ASIA Barcelona カサ・アジア バルセロナ
1.6 Токийский Институт Русского Языка

2. How to move around with CEDEFOP/Traning village
2.1 OU UK 2.2 CNED2.3 FernUni Hagen2.4 UniNettUno2.5 UNED2.6 МИМ—ОУ

3. Special thema 3.0. Japan - OUJ and OUJ ClubsCool Japan Business.- OUJ Clubs on FB
3.1. UK/USA - OU UKE-citizen and E-governance for World Heritage with ICT for under-developping countries at Open University UK - Harvard Model Congress
- Stanford OpenCourseware
3.2. Biodiversity and Millenium Water Assessment for reducing the CO2 from Human Activity at CNED- UTLS - Université de Tous Les Savoirs, 2000 en France et depuis
- Le groupe des étudiants en Master 1 de Droit à l'Université Aix-Marseille3
- Pour tous ceux qui on ete enseignes par l'ecole CNED (Centre National D'enseignement a Distance).
- Pour tous les plus grands bradeurs du CNED
- Pour la Création d'un Network Arts &Métiers Paris Tech
- Université Paris 5 René Descartes
- Sauvons la biodiversité et l'association Kokopelli
3.3. Monetary Enginnering for Labor Mobility Management or Equal Chance in Social Class at FernUni Hagen
3.4. Art-Design-Technic and Social Entrepreneurship for cultural conservation at UniNettUno
3.5. Sustainable Tourism with Millenium Eco Assessment at UNED
3.6. New emerging Organizational Behavior for Business strategy at МИМ—ОУ

4. Knowledge IntegrationUTLS
- Université de Tous Les Savoirs, 2000 en France et depuis
ESOF 2010 Torino :: Euro Science Open Forum
FP7-SSH :: EU Framework Program Social Science & Humanities
EIRO FORUM - Euroscience
European Parliamentary Technology Assessment - EPTA Network
The Descartes Prizes - European Science Awards

[Ref.]This group "Moving Around Research Inc.
- Using CEDEFOP/Training Village" is incubated from several discussion groups.