Sep 7, 2007


# Here are some language related theme for developpers, welcome the teachers in languages, IT engineers, social entrepreneurs, advocators and educational practioners.
These are the discussion groups for different Open Learning in abroad which are under growth in japanese SNS site MIXI. Please see the details in each communites in

* Discussion Community for CNED (French Open University/Distance Formation)

*Discussion Community for MIM-OY (Russian Open University/Distance Formation)

* Discussion Community for NettUno (Italian Open University/Distance Formation)

*Discussion Community for UNED (Spanish Open University/Distance Formation)

*Discussion Community for FernUni (German Open University/Distance Formation)

* Discussion Community for Open University UK (British Open University/Distance Formation)
イギリス放送大学(遠隔教育・生涯教育)について話し合うコミュニティー をつくりました。

# The starting point was UniNettUno community created 07th Sep. 2007. Starting from these communities in MIXI, the discussion group will be incubated on this blogger site regarding the future OpenSocial Strategy.


If you wish to drop your ideas on these topics, you can post your reply to here.

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