Jan 20, 2008

Mobility Research related to Open Learning

A group for Moving Around Research Inc. - Using CEDEFOP/Training Village.

Our mission is to propagate the concept of Moving Around Research Inc. to the world wide ranged human activity and to bring the creative mobility to the people for the Sustainable Earth of the 21th Century. Please join us and enjoy the group.Web 2.0 and community based research for vocational training by CEDEFOP

Mobility program of LEONARDO for life long education

The archives of parts of discussion retrieved to the site below

Well, the naming of 2. is not just fitted, maybe while some consideration after, it would be changed, but the concept remains the same.This entrance is still under development, where many different approaches in different languages are needed. So, I set the lifting procedures which can be developped by using the distance learning methode.
See below ;


A discussion topic on the role of Open Learning for Sceince & Society for sustainable world.

You can relate the concept of "Science & Society" with Sustainable Development starting from Wikiversity & (v.s.) Open Learning.

* STS on Wiki
* Wikiversity

* Open Learning1. Open University in UK
2. CNED in France
3. FernUni Hagen in Germany
4. UniNettUno in Italie
5. UNED in Spain
6. МИМ—ОУ in Russia
7. Open University in Japan

And, you set the diffrent research questions for Trans-cultural Interdisciplines with different Open Learning System.
For example ;

1. Life Long Learning of World Heritage with ICT for under-developping countries at Open University UK
2. Biodiversity and Millenium Water Assessment for reducing the CO2 from Human Activity at CNED
3. Monetary Enginnering for Labor Mobility Management or Equal Chance in Social Class at FernUni Hagen
4. Art-Design-Technic and Social Entrepreneurship for cultural conservation at UniNettUno
5. Sustainable Tourismology with Millenium Eco Assessment at UNED
6. New emerring Organizational Behavior for Business strategy at МИМ—ОУ

[thesis] : prove and defend it if possible, explain if not possible

How can these be interdisciplinary approaches so that they make a synergy between each others, the different disciplines, the different languages with their learning systems ? What can you set for the methodology ? Does this need the mobility and/or career assessment program for the knowledge of life long learning ? Does Wikiversity help it for anything ? How do you find them sustainable compared to the existing ways ?

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